Skype lessons

Skype piano lessons are a good solution for people with busy schedules or people that can’t find the right teacher in their area.

The lessons are conducted using softwares like Skype or FaceTime and have both advantages and disadvantages if compared with traditional teaching where the teacher and the student are in the same room. To name just some of them:

  • Pros: take lessons with a teacher you trust even if is not in your area, save lot of travel time; practice immediately after the lessons when ideas are still fresh and attention is high; easily record the lesson or part of it; play on your own instrument; warm up before the lesson.
  • Cons: not being able to play together with the teacher; need to have good speakers for a better sound quality; teacher can’t touch student’s fingers; need to have a reliable internet connection.

Our studio has already got many successful Skype students around the world and has a wide experience in managing and solving most of the disadvantages that arise from not being physically in the same room during the lesson.

Thanks to the new technologies online lessons and music making are always more common and are a research topic at top universities in the world.